B2B or B2C? With social media, it’s always P2P

Oftentimes I get the following question from colleagues and clients:  “Is social media better for B2C rather than B2B companies?”

In short: no.

While it is sometimes easier to see the B2C side of social media — as a way to connect with current and potential customers, thus driving sales and increasing the all-important bottom line — B2B social media is no less important than B2C.

Why?  Because whether your business is B2B or B2C, all business is ultimately P2P: Person to Person.

I didn't have a fancy schmancy photo to add, so I did this little Wordle thingy instead.

Indeed, billion dollar deals will always be conducted over drinks and at country clubs. And the principals still have to know, like and trust one another.  If, for instance, there are two companies with amazing synergies but the CEOs hate each other, odds are the deal will not go through.

Social media done right is about establishing and improving all kinds of relationships.  B2B relationships are as important as B2C ones, arguably more so.  And using social media to establish and maintain solid relationships, manage your reputation and create thought leadership is vital, no matter what your company does.


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2 Responses to “B2B or B2C? With social media, it’s always P2P”

  1. Dan Rudy Says:

    Hi David

    There is a lot of truth to that aphorism, but as will all aphorisms, it does not ring true in many cases. Companies tend to shun the use of Facebook & other social media during work hours which depletes the B2B effectiveness of social media compared to B2C which is accessed more during off-work hours.

    • SynergiSocial Says:

      Hi Dan —

      Thanks for the observation. While it is true that B2B tends to be less instantaneous, that may be because B2B does not require, or at least appear to require, immediate responses that customers demand. Indeed, such relationships require time to build and develop, whereas customer relationships are built on filling specific expectations/requirements as soon as possible. Does this make sense or am I just babbling here?

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