Here We Go Again — More Hype From Apple

Today I discovered that  tomorrow will be a day I will never forget.  Like, ever.  How could I possibly know that I will never forget tomorrow when tomorrow isn’t even today yet?  Because Steve Jobs told me so!

Clearly, Apple has not learned anything about overhyping their stuff:  the iPad was mockingly compared to the Ten Commandments (no, seriously), the iPhone4 turned into an iFail before it was discovered to have problems, er, making phone calls, and so forth.

I can’t believe I have to tell this to an adult, but here it goes.

Dearest Steve Jobs: have you ever read The Boy Who Cried Wolf?  Yes?  Well, re-read it on your iPad or whatever.  You are that boy, and I don’t care about your wolves.   Your announcements do not resonate with me forever, other than in mockery or contempt.  Additionally, I don’t like being told about things I’m supposed to remember by anybody, much less some corporate brand.

I’ve had many experiences which I will never forget.  There was the time I was nearly run over by a giant pig.  (No, seriously.)  I remember the first time I set foot on African soil.  And there are far more personal memories which I will not share on this blog.  Of all my memories, both good and bad, none of them involved Apple or any kind of corporate announcement. Like, ever.

So ease off the rhetoric a little, yeah?  You’re starting to give me a rash.


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4 Responses to “Here We Go Again — More Hype From Apple”

  1. RS Says:

    Seriously? Aren’t there more serious things in this world to write about? Why get hung up on Apple? or for that matter Steve Jobs? Don’t like Apple, don’t buy… Don’t like Steve, don’t listen to him… Besides, with or without you… Apple WILL be successful… get over it…

    Get worked up about something more important.. like illegal aliens who get to pay the same tuition as residents… while students who here on a legal visa pays non-resident tuition or someone who moves from out of state who is a LEGAL US citizen pays non-resident tuition… why not write about that? Seems more important…

    • Synergi Communications Says:

      Not sure if you noticed, but this blog is about good vs. bad communications, not how successful Apple is, or the imminent perils of illegal immigration. Please look at previous postings for examples of what I am talking about. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

      And if you really want to discuss illegal immigrants, feel free to do so. The Internet is a big place. Best of luck to you.

  2. John Says:

    @ RS: Troll much?

  3. RS Says:

    @John: go forth and troll away…

    @SC: So far as communications. Sure. But it didn’t sound like it. Like you suggested, will ignore from this point.

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